Stretch Tents

Octopus Tents are made of a unique stretchy composite material – allowing them to be built in beautiful flowing shapes whilst providing strength and weather protection. They can be constructed over any surface or attached to a building – made to any size or configuration.

All Weather Tents – In summer they can be set with open walls and entrances, to create a light and open entertaining space bridging the indoors and outdoors. For when the weather is not so clement, the sides can be built down to the ground – giving protection from rain and wind. Our tents can also be heated for the cooler months.

Quick to Construct – Stretch Tents are also quicker to build, for even the most complex build can be constructed in few hours by our rigging team. After your event is over, take down is similarly quick and painless, so we can be out of the way as soon as possible.

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